Believe Electrolytes + Carbs 40 Servings
Believe Electrolytes + Carbs 40 Servings

Believe Electrolytes + Carbs 40 Servings

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  • 40 Servings
  • 45g of CARBS
  • 500mg of Electrolytes

Electrolyte + Carbs is a fast-digesting, high glycemic carb product which is necessary to replenish muscle glycogen that you’ve burned off during exercise. Since we added Electrolytes on top of a 45g carb serving, this product will help you recover faster, but also fuel your toughest workouts by delivering a highly potent serving of Carbs + Electrolytes to your muscles!

Is this product for me?

If you have a very low output workout regimen the answer is NO.

If you are one of these people the answer is YES

  • I practice CrossFit
  • I practice Performance Sports
  • I practice endurance sports and I usually exercise for 60 to 120 minutes
  • I’m looking to build lean muscle mass
  • I usually train upon waking up

When should I take it?

By goals:

If your goal is mass gains you should aim for intra-workout & post-workout carbs depending on your workout regimen.

Train upon waking and cannot perform optimally on a full stomach, you may experience a boost in performance by drinking a fast digesting carbohydrate + BCAA shake throughout your workout.

Crossfit & Performance sports athlete benefits from intra-workout carbohydrate consumption due to a very high output in terms of volume, intensity, and length of effort.

Endurance athlete that exercises for 90 minutes or longer also benefit from intra-workout carbohydrate.