Revolution BCAA Splash 900g
Revolution BCAA Splash 900g

Revolution BCAA Splash 900g

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BCAA Splash™ is the ultimate recuperation drink mix powder.

BCAA Splash™ is a refreshing way to add key amino acids to your daily regimen! BCAA Splash™ is a formula designed specifically to maximize your weight training or any athletic activity. If you are serious about enhancing your performance and maintaining energy, then this product is what you are looking for.

Not only does BCAA Splash™ maximize recovery, it actually starts the recovery as you are STILL training. Intense exercise has been shown to decrease the amino acid levels contained in muscle tissues.

The micronized branched chain amino acids enhanced by the high quality glutamine and citrulline malate contained in BCAA Splash™ will help replenish your muscle tissue composition and maintain a maximum performance!

Proven 2:1:1 ratio
BCAAs are a powerful anti-catabolic agent during exercise. Designed to be absorbed directly by the muscle tissues, BCAA Splash™ contains twice as much L-Leucine as it does L-Valine and L-Isoleucine, making it the perfect balance to prevent muscle tissue breakdown. 

Zero calorie / Zero sugar
Unlike most BCAA formulas on the market, BCAA Splash™ does NOT contain added sugars or carbohydrates. This formula is 100% calorie-free!

Micronized formula
In order to facilitate mixabilty, BCAA Splash™ is made from carefully micronized amino acids, making it the most absorbable form of BCAAs on the market!

Maximum recovery
BCAA Splash™ has been enhanced with L-Glutamine, a powerful amino acid well known for its muscle tissue recovery properties.* During strenuous physical activity, micro-tears form in muscle tissues, L-Glutamine acts as a recovery enhancer while the BCAAs work on preventing muscle breakdown, making BCAA Splash the perfect BCAA formula!


Mix 1 scoop of BCAA Splash™ with 200 ml of ice cold water. You can use BCAA Splash™ before, during and after your workout or any sport.