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Revolution Nutrition TNT High Energy Pre Training Formula is an intense hyper-concentrated pre-training formula scientifically engineered to create the most explosive workout experience! TNT is so powerful, it will simply blow you away!

  • 1500mg Beta-Alanine per Serving
  • 350mg Stimulants per Serving
  • 750mg Creatine HCl per Serving

350 mg of stimulants
Each serving of TNT contains 350 mg of active stimulants (Caffeine, Higenamine and Hordenine) to generate the most intense workout imaginable!

The Flavor Match advantage
TNT is part of Revolution Nutrition's exclusive Flavor Match system. This system allows you to mix and match your favorite Revolution Nutrition products together in the same shaker bottle according to the flavor of your choice! You can thus add TNT to  Isolate Splash, BCAA Splash, Bull Dose Pump, Carnitine Cooler, Whey Gainer Punch, or Whey Protein Punch!

How to take TNT
Mix 1 scoop of TNT in 200 ml of cold water. Drink prior to your workout. Do not exceed two (2) scoops within a 24-hour period.

Because taste matters
Revolution Nutrition has earned a solid reputation as the best tasting sports supplements on the market today. They always take the time and effort to create flavors that are simply second to none so that each and every one of their consumers is always 100% satisfied.